F.K.A. the Love Ranch cabins, modern creekside cabins
About Us

The Cabins at Chalk Creek were previously a part of the Love Ranch.  The Love Ranch was founded by Mark and Jo Love in 1926 as a guest ranch for miners and their families.  After the mining companies moved on the ranch remained open for families to still come and enjoy the chalk creek area.   Mark Love died in 1932 from complications his sustained from falling off his horse.  While, Jo Love persevered for more than 50 years on her own and built more cabins for the increasing demand for lodging in the rugged mountainous terrain.  The ranch and Jo Love flurished until her death in 1976.  The ranch was then left to her nephew who continued to rent the cabins out for another 30 years.  Then in 1999, the ranch was unfortunately split up and sold to private individuals who wanted their own piece of the beautiful ranch and chalk creek canyon for themselves.

I managed the Love Ranch the last three years it was open to the public and became interested in the traditions and history of the place.  Luckily, my family and I were able to purchase 3 acres of the ranch with 3 of the old miner cabins on it.  Not wanting to end the traditions and history of the place we decided to keep our cabins open to the public.  With the lure of the mountains, natural hot springs nearby and the creek that flows through the property it is not unusual to have three generations of family come back to the cabins and sit around the campfire telling stories of the old days gone by and the new adventures to be had.

Presently, there are three cabins on the property, one I keep for myself and the other two are available to guests.  There have been some great guests to come stay at the ranch in the past, such as;  Zane Gray, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Alex Haley.  If you would like to come for a visit or have questions, please feel free to write or call.  Thanks


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